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In the era of product homogenization, technology homogenization and fierce competition, the after-sale service of the organization has become the strategic decision of the enterprise and one of the decisive factors affecting the survival of the enterprise. After-sales service certification is the first nationwide and industry-wide service certification approved in China. The improvement of after-sale service level is an inevitable requirement for the sustainable development of enterprises.

The Evaluation System for After-sales Service of Commodity (GB/T 27922) is a national standard issued on December 30, 2011 and implemented on February 1, 2012.The standard stipulates the basic elements of the commodity after-sales service system, including principles, indicators and methods. It evaluates the enterprise's service system, commodity service and customer service, and measures the level of service ability according to the evaluation score, and displays itself in the way of star evaluation.

Obtaining the commodity after-sales service certification of Ti Group can help enterprises:

Establish a more systematic, perfect and effective commodity after-sales service management system to enhance the level and awareness of the enterprise's after-sales service;

Enhance the competitiveness of the organization in the domestic and international markets, and provide an important guarantee for the realization of the organization's brand strategy;

Improve sales performance, enhance customers' confidence in buying products, and win more market opportunities;

Display the after-sales service level of the organization and improve the organization's image.

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