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Service Introduction

R&D outsourcing services of Titanium Pharmaceutical involve all links of new drug R&D and testing, from preclinical to clinical trial research. Its business includes drug synthesis technology, extraction methods, physical and chemical properties and purity, dosage form selection, prescription screening, preparation technology, testing methods, quality indicators, stability, pharmacology, toxicology, study on animal pharmacokinetics, Phase I-IV clinical trials and BE experiments, etc., providing clinical trial technical services, on-site management, data management and statistical analysis, etc., and also providing registration consultation and declaration services at home and abroad, etc. Titanium Pharmaceutical is committed to providing customers with fast, compliant, and cost-effective drug R&D technical services, and assisting customers to successfully promote drugs from R&D to the market.

The laboratory of Titanium Pharmaceutical has CMA qualification and CNAS accreditation, and its main service contents include the following aspects:

Study on compatibility of drug packaging materials

Study service on compatibility of disposable system (production process system)

Study service on compatibility of pharmaceutical packaging components and systems

Study service on compatibility of drug administration devices

Toxicological risk assessment and packaging material screening service

Special concern on substance testing service

Clinical CRO service

Medical writing

Clinical trial project management and quality supervision

Clinical data management

Statistical analysis

SMO services

Clinical trial audit


Bioanalytic testing services

Chemical and pharmaceutical bioanalysis

Evaluation of drug metabolism

Bioanalysis of pharmacodynamic biomarker

Detection of biomarkers in clinical diagnosis, precision medicine and functional medicine

Pharmaceutical chemistry research

Development of analytical methods

Structure analysis and impurity mass spectrometry of unknown impurities

Drug quality research

Complete service for API quality research

Complete service for preparation quality research

Assessment and testing services for genotoxic impurities residues

Assessment and testing services for elemental impurities

Structure analysis and impurity mass spectrometry of unknown impurities

New drug compound quality research service

Inspection and testing service

Import and export registration and declaration service

Online Service Consultation
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