The overall simplicity and generosity of the brand logo of Ti Group give people a sense of authority and trust. The logo is inspired by the brand's initials "Ti" and the Chinese word "钛和", which has a profound meaning and cleverly integrates the core cultural concept and industry attributes of our company, and contains three levels of meaning:

  • Source of brand name
  • +

  • "harmony" in diversity, unity
  • +

  • Authority, sense of high quality
  • +

  • Arc-shape edges and corners, sense of friendliness and harmony
  • 01

     Element "Titanium"

    Titanium is a metallic element, its English name is Titanium and its chemical symbol is Ti. It is known as "space metal" for its stable chemical properties. The two most outstanding advantages of Titanium are its high strength and corrosion resistance, which gives us the meaning of invincibility, stability and adherence to the original intention. In Ti Group, our emphasis never deviates from honesty and ethics, independent assessment and work safety. With a long-term strategic goal, we are determined to develop a hundred-year-old company.

  • 02

     "Harmony" in diversity

    "Harmony", mutual peace, coordination and friendly atmosphere are the reflection of the team spirit of Ti Group. Get along in harmony, but don't agree casually. "Harmony in diversity" is not only a kind of worldview, but also a kind of value for governing and living in the world; to treat different things, different points of view and different civilizations, first of all, we should understand them with a tolerant mind, learn them with a modest altitude and strengthen cultural self-confidence with a positive and rational mind. Every day, Ti Group works with customers across multiple sectors to build an intangible foundation of trust and help them cope with the increasingly complex changes in the market.

  • 03

     Ti red and Ti gray

    The corners of the Ti letters and the red square color blocks are arc-treated to convey the Group's stability and aggressiveness as well as its unity and harmony in a soft form. Group is artfully connected with the letters by arcs, making it more open and uncluttered. The Chinese font is placed on the top right to match the English, indicating the strategic orientation of Ti Group. The logo is made up of dark red representing optimism and dark gray representing quality, which not only reflects our enthusiasm for safety, quality and integrity, but also reflects the attitude of Ti Group always focusing on core industries and pursuing excellent quality, coordinated and echoed as a whole, to meet new challenges with broad openness and enthusiasm.

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