With the continuous change of market environment, customers' increasingly diversified and refined service requirements put forward higher requirements for the ability of our customer service team. The demand of external market, enterprises and customers for talents and the company's internal demand for employees' ability will also be more diversified. In order to adapt to these market changes and needs, our company officially established the School of Ti Management to not only provide our customers with value extension services, but also train suitable talents for the company and the relevant parties in the society by training, discussion, research,further study and other methods, so that people of insight can have a stage and opportunity to show their talents and realize their career goals.
Under the framework of Ti Group, the School provides a good environment and further education channel for the internal members of Ti Group to improve their professional ability, and is open to social resources. Its beneficial experience and good practice in the industry will be widely propagated on the platform of School of Ti Management, which will help and promote participants to overcome career barriers and expand their career space, so as to realize their personal ideals, and make greater contributions to the society.


Develop an excellent team of trainers both inside and outside the Ti Group

Enhance the capability of employees and create an excellent service brand in the industry

Provide human resources capacity guarantee to ensure the provision of quality services to customers

Provide qualified leaders and management talents for the development of Ti Group

Create a better development platform for talents of relevant parties

Make learning and training portable and simple.

Service Description

Within the company:
Improve the capability of employees and provide various training including general courses and special courses, including but not limited to:

Improve the professional skills of auditors

Share good audit practice

Management skills and awareness

Decision making and leadership

Fundamentals of enterprise management

Basic skills and advancement of trainers

Basic skills of enterprise management

Good management practices

Enterprise management and service in AI Era

For enterprises, society and other relevant parties, the courses and training provided include but are not limited to:

Management system standards:ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO 50001 energy management system, ISO 22000 food safety management system, IATF 1694 automobile industry quality management system, Requirements of ISO 13485 medical device quality management system for regulations, ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory management system

Medical devices:ISO 14971 risk management of medical devices

Energy management technology

Supporting courses for EHS implementation:EHS risk management practice,EHS plant safety management,EHS laws and regulations

Social responsibility:SA8000 social responsibility,environment, society and governance (ESG)

Automotive industry:five key manuals APQP, PPAP, SPC, FMEA and MSA, VDA6.3, VDA6.5, CQI-8 process hierarchical audit, CQI-9 heat treatment system evaluation, CQI-11 plating system evaluation, CQI-12 painting system evaluation, CQI-14 automobile warranty management guide, CQI-15 welding system assessment, CQI-17 soldering system evaluation,CQI-12 molding system evaluation, CQI-17 special process "casting system evaluation", ISO 26262 functional safety of road vehicles

Greenhouse gas emission accounting

Special items of food industry:External auditor of BRC food technical standards,Internal auditor of BRC food technical standards,Internal auditor of global standards of BRC-PM packaging and packaging materials,FSSC22000 (Version 4.1) internal auditor of food safety system (food production), internal auditor of IFS international food safety standard (Version 6.1),Internal auditor of premix quality system (Edition 6) of FAMI-QS European Union feed additive,Internal auditor of hazard analysis and critical control point system of China HACCP (GB / T 27341),Internal auditor of food industry ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory management system,GMP standard and its implementation in food industry,Global GAP global agricultural good practice standards and internal inspector - planting,Internal auditor of IP (Identity Retention) non-GM supply chain,Food protection program,Food allergen management,IPM integrated pest control management,Food industry supplier audit,Food supply chain management,Food industry complaints and effective disposal management,Application of seven QC techniques in food industry,Product shelf life awareness,Relevant laws and regulations on food labeling and nutrition labeling at home and abroad,Hygienic system of food contact materials at home and abroad,Food fraud prevention,Product traceability and recall system,Requirements of SMETA audit corporate social responsibility in the supply chain,Application of SPC in food industry,Common sensory analysis methods and practice,Validation of food testing methods,Data processing and quality control of food testing,Senior technician of food microbiology laboratory,Food laboratory practice,Modern kitchen management and safety and health control,Regulations on food additives at home and abroad,FSPCA animal food prevention and control measures,FAMI-QS feed safety awareness (FAMI-QS authorized course)

Quality management tools:seven new QC tools, seven traditional QC tools, DOE experimental design, QFD quality function deployment, GD & T geometric dimension tolerance, 8D, Minitab application in quality management, dimensional chain calculation and tolerance superposition practical application

yellow belt, caterpillar belt, green belt, ascending black belt and black belt

Test resource management:internal calibration of measuring instruments, management of testing equipment and traceability of measurement value, evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty

Production management: excellent site management

Supply chain management:excellent supply chain management, strategic procurement,Supplier quality management and tools,International trade law and procurement contract management

Human resource management:TTT trainer advancement,Employee competency modeling

Management skills:flexible production planning and scheduling,Lean production foundation,Inventory optimization management,VSM value stream analysis and application,IE technology and field efficiency improvement

Power and electrical industry:detection of high and low voltage complete equipment

Good practice and experience sharing of experts in the industry:invite experts in the industry covered by Ti Group service and professors from colleges and universities to explain opinions and share experiences.

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