Ti Testing and Certification Group is a third-party service company specializing in quality, health, safety, environment and sustainable development, providing comprehensive inspection, testing, certification, calibration and other technical services.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the Group has more than 20 testing laboratories in the fields of electrical and electronics, telecommunication, renewable energy, automotive electronics, food and agricultural products, biological analysis, calibration etc, and its service network covers the whole China. With a focus on high quality services and boosted by innovations, Ti Group has developed into a leading inspection, testing and certification company in China.

Through continuous well-balanced development and with customer-centric as key value, Ti Group has built the unique positioning and competitive advantages in 5G testing, rail transportation, food safety, biological medicine, renewable energy etc. and won the long-term trust and supports from the customers in telecommunications, IoT, construction engineering, energy&power, electrical and electronics, smart manufacturing, food and agricultural products, pharmaceutical industry, hospitality and catering, retail, e-commerce and other industries. The Group is to create value for customers by providing differentiated high-quality services.

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