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As a professional technical service provider of power transmission and distribution products and a solution provider of electrical compliance services, we have won the trust and recognition of many customers by providing comprehensive technical upgrading of products and management capabilities and one-stop testing and certification services by virtue of our good technical capability reserves, professional ability to provide high-quality product qualification services and good cooperation with domestic and foreign testing and certification organizations in the field of power transmission and distribution products. At present, we mainly serve customers from the power industry, power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry and various upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, provide valuable information and services for a long time and grow together with China’s electrical enterprises.

Products involved in power transmission and distribution equipment include but not limited to:

Medium-voltage ring main unit, medium-voltage switchgear, low-voltage distribution cabinet, programmable controller, industrial controller, converter, active power factor corrector, wind power generation equipment, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment and system, nuclear power equipment, marine electrical equipment, etc.

Products involved in power transmission and distribution parts include but not limited to:

Medium and high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear and control circuit apparatus, low-voltage fuses, residual current protection devices, miniature circuit breakers, power transformers, power capacitors, high-voltage surge protectors, high-voltage line insulators, high-voltage insulating bushings, high-voltage cables, power overhead lines and so on.

Our Advantage

Our technical expertise and our knowledge of the industry can help you develop high quality, innovative products that will increase your profitability and competitiveness. We will assess your supply chain and production processes to ensure that you meet the quality and safety requirements of different markets, thus maximizing productivity;

Reduce the cost of managing product compliance in the enterprise;

Shorten the cycle of enterprise product compliance;

Avoid risk and ensure competitive advantage of the product.

Service items Specific services
Certification of low voltage appliances and related products Low-voltage electrical component certification service
Low-voltage switchgear certification service
Product certification services for electric tools, small and medium-sized motors and welding machines
CCC product self-declaration counseling service
Medium and high-voltage electrical type testing and certification Technical services for type test reports recognized by both networks and local bidding
Technical services specified in the "Proof in One Paper" issued by State Grid
Testing services specified in "Environment Compensation" of China Southern Power Grid
Technical services for primary and secondary integration of power distribution equipment
"Standardized customized" testing and evaluation technical services for high and low voltage cabinets
Product certification service for medium and high voltage electrical packages and components
New energy electrical testing, inspection and certification Testing and certification of photovoltaic, wind power, charging station and energy storage products
Inspection services for new energy power stations, charging stations and wind farms
Testing and certification of industrial power supply, electronic control, battery and other power electronic products
International certification of high and low voltage electrical products General export certifications such as CE, CB and EAC
Authoritative VOC certification by TUV, BV, ITS, DEKRA, UL, etc.
Inspection and certification of mandatory access in various countries around the world
Ti Certification + One test and many certifications of any international well-known institution
STL certification of power distribution products
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