Ti Group is a leading organization in communications testing industry in China, serves a large number of customers, with extensive testing experience across generations evolution from 2G to 4G.
With the advent of the 5G era and in anticipation of the wide range of applications and business potential arising from the combination of 5G technology, mobile Internet and IoT, Ti Group has taken the lead in the industry in 5G related testing, establishing comprehensive 5G testing capabilities and developed 5G RF and EMC test systems independently to cover whole 5G industry chain - terminal equipment, base station systems and 5G applications - to provide testing and certification services for customers using 5G technology.

Our services
  • Certification and testing

    Focus on CE, FCC and TELEC international certification testing and CCC, SRRC and CTA domestic certification testing/pre-testing.

  • R & D testing

    EMC, RF, SAR, etc. test requirements of R&D, production, quality inspection processes.

  • Global Market Access services

    With the leading development of 5G technology in China, Chinese 5G products will be able to enter different oversea regions , and we offer Global Market Access (GMA) services to help our customers sell their products all around the world.

Ti Group has established comprehensive 5G testing capabilities,
including Over-the-air (OTA) performance, Radio Frequency (RF),
SAR-Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC),
Safety, etc. In the Shenzhen Lab of Ti Group, which is available 24/7,
parallel testing is conducted for each project,
which saves customers time and improves efficiency regardless of SA or NSA,
regardless of the number of EN-DC combinations,
regardless of R&D validation or type approval,
we can provide the testing and certification services as you need.
You don't have to worry about the test compatibility of
different development platforms because we have combined our years of
technology accumulation to provide you solutions
using the three major platforms Keysight/Anritsu/Starpoint.
We have provided 5G related services to the world's leading customers for
5G terminal devices, routers, IoT devices, repeaters/base stations,
laptops, security devices, etc.

5G testing capacity of Ti Group

Test Standards

CTIA Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance V3.9
YD/T 3625
YD/T 3626
YD/T 1484.1
YD/T 1484.9

Testing parameters

TRP(Total Radiated Power)、TIS(Total Isotropic Sensitivity)

Testing system


Testing equipment

Testing introduction

As a major concern of 5G technology, Sub 6GHz RF test system has been applied in 5G R&D test and 5G terminal type approval of manufacturers, and system capability fully meets the requirements of 3GPP/YD/FCC/NCC/TELEC and other related specifications, and the test results are highly praised. Integrated with instrumentation and wireless testers from many mainstream manufacturers, Ti Group has developed its own intellectual property Sub-6GHz test system, which is efficient, flexible, customized in test mode and adjustable in real time for test cases. Provide high time value for product testing.

Test Standards

3GPP 38.521-1、3GPP 38.521-3、ETSI EN 301 908-1
FCC Part 22、Part 24、Part 27 etc.
YD/T 3627
TELEC Article 2 Paragraph 1 of Item 11-30

Testing parameters


UE maximum output power, Minimum output power, Spectrum Emission Mask,Adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR), Transmitter spurious emission
Spurious emission for UE-coexistence, Additional spurious emission, etc.


Reference sensitivity, Adjacent channel selectivity, In-band blocking, Out-of-band blocking, Narrow-band blocking, Spurious response, Wide band Intermodulation, Receiver spurious emissions, etc.

Testing system

Keysight 5G NR RCT/ Anritsu ME7873NR/ Starpoint SP9500 RCT

Testing equipment

Testing introduction

Hundreds of NSA/SA EN-DC combinations challenge SAR and EMC not only in terms of testing accuracy, but also in terms of testing equipment consistency and laboratory throughput. Four sets of SAR test bench and two sets of probe array test system provide the most intuitive testing guarantee for debugging and type approval.

Standard testing

EN 50360、EN 50566、EN 62209-1、EN 62209-2、EN 62209-3
YD/T 1644.1、YD/T 1644.2、ANSI/IEEE 1528, etc.

Testing parameters

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

5G base station

StarPoint SP9500

Testing system

Speag DASY8

Testing equipment

Testing introduction

With four 3-meter anechoic chambers and one 10-meter anechoic chamber, the EMC test system with independent intellectual property rights can be customized and upgraded according to the changing test frequency bands while maintaining the test throughput.

Testing Standards

ETSI EN 301 409-1/52、ETSI TS 138 124
FCC Part 15B
YD/T 2583.18

Testing parameters

Radiated emissions, Conducted emissions, Harmonic currents emissions, Voltage fluctuations and flicker
Electrostatic discharges, Radiated radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity, Electrical fast transient/bursts immunity, Surges immunity.
Immunity to conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields, Power frequency magnetic field immunity
Voltage dips, Short interruptions and voltage variations immunity
Transient and surge immunity (vehicle-mounted)

Testing system

Proprietary EMC Test System BL510-E

Testing equipment

5G testing is our advantage

  • Comprehensive 5G infrastructure

    Satisfy the differentiated needs of customers for 5G analog base stations

    5G technology is still in its infancy stage, there are still some compatibility bugs between terminals and analog base stations, which manifests itself in the fact that the same terminal products may have different problems in establishing connection with different base stations. At present, Ti Balun equipped with all mainstream 5G base stations in the market (Keysight E7515B UXM, Anritsu MT8000A+MT8821C and StarPoint SP9500), ensuring 5G project throughput and meeting the differentiated needs of customers.

  • Excellent communications technology team

    Technology upgrading and quality assurance

    In response to the new 5G standards and test technologies, Ti Balun is deeply involved in standards interpretation, testing, projects, certification , and instrumentation. The testing engineers, project managers, certification specialists, and R&D staff are all technicians with more than 10 years of experience in the communications industry. In terms of the definition of test methods and test contents in the standard, we work with the equipment manufacturers to establish the test mode, determine the specific test plan with the world's major notifiedy bodies, work with the terminal manufactures to solve the normal connection of test samples in different test equipment systems, and provide test data in a fast and timely manner for the customer's R&D department to debug, technical improvement and quality assurance.

  • Strong R&D capabilities

    5G test systems meet standards and customer requirements

    Ti Balun had purchased all the equipment that is available on the market. It is designed to cope with products developed by many manufacturers using different platforms and test systems. Relying on Ti Balun's self-developed 2G/3G/4G communication test systems, including EMC& RF, we are able to timely provide 5G test systems that meet standards and customer requirements. As standards are updated and technology is upgraded, 5G test systems will be upgraded simultaneously. The data from Ti Balun's 5G test systems is now recognized by major telecommunications equipment manufacturers and international certification bodies and organizations.

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