Service Introduction

Environment, health and safety (hereinafter referred to as "EHS") are the eternal topics of human beings! Compared with previous years, people have greatly increased their attention and sensitivity to EHS. Especially in the construction engineering industry, as one of the 9 high-risk industries, how to link with all parties through the power of a third party to form a protective network for the environment, health and safety is of great practical significance to escort the construction project. Therefore, the Ti Group EHS business came into being.

The Ti Group EHS business has the following characteristics:

- Focus on EHS consulting services for construction in progress;

- Four business forms including on-site management, unannounced inspection, resident on-site inspection, and diagnostic consultation;

- Take consultant professional ability and communication ability as the core competitiveness;

- Master domestic and foreign experience, methods and systems;

- Familiar with government and group EHS consulting business;

- Efficiently and accurately combine information technology and Internet of things technology;

- Focusing on establishing a long-term EHS management mechanism for clients;

Service Content

On-site construction safety management;

Government/group third-party security inspections;

Insurance risk control (safety liability insurance, hoisting machinery insurance);

Comprehensive safety consulting (system/training/accident investigation, etc.);

Environmental due diligence/occupational health consultation;

Online Service Consultation
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