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Commissioned by the Employer, we implements the cost control, progress control, quality management, safety management, contract management and information management of the project construction processes including construction, installation, commissioning, completion acceptance and maintenance stages within the scope of the qualification permission according to the national standards as well as the organization and coordination related to construction starting from the project construction preparation stage to ensure the smooth realization of the project goals.
SHJTC (Shanghai Jiantong Engineering Consulting & Construction Co., Ltd.), under Ti Group, founded in 1993, is the pioneer and leader in the construction supervision industry; its business covers municipal, housing construction, rail transit, mechanical and electrical, highway, petrochemical, electric power and other industries; its service projects spread all over the country; it won the National Quality Project Award, Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, Luban Prize for Construction Project, National Municipal Gold Cup Award, China Habitat Environment Model Prize and other awards in consecutive years. With the advantages of the Group, this company can provide domestic and foreign customers with more comprehensive, fine, strict, and professional supervision services.

Supervision Service Unit

SHJTC (Shanghai Jiantong Engineering Consulting & Construction Co., Ltd.)

About Company

Shanghai Jiantong Engineering Consulting & Construction Co.,Ltd is a leading domestic engineering consulting and construction company in China, founded in 1993 by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and China Construction International Corporation. In the full life cycle from preliminary project approval, planning, design, construction to operation, the company adheres to the spirit of "Your Excellence is Our Passion" to provide customers with the whole-process engineering consulting services and professional technical support.
All the actions of SHJTC always focus on customer needs and social expectations; it always insists on improving service, and devotes to the sustainable development of employees, enterprises and the whole society.

Company Honors

Company Qualification

National Awards

Winning the Luban Prize for Construction Project for 17 times

Winning the National Quality Engineering Gold Award for 2 times

Winning the National Quality Engineering Silver Award for 5 times

Winning the Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize for 10 times

Winning the National Municipal Gold Cup Demonstration Project for 27 times

Winning the National Equipment Supervision Outstanding Achievement Award for once

Winning the China Habitat Environment Example Award for once

Winning the One Hundred Classic and Excellent Projects for 2 times

Municipal Awards

Winning the Shanghai Magnolia Award for 52 times

Winning the Shanghai High Quality Structural Engineering Award for 100 projects

Winning the Shanghai Top 10 Gold Award Classical Architecture in 50 years of New China

Winning the Shanghai Municipal Gold Award for 24 times

Winning the Provincial Civilized Construction Site for more than 120 projects

Winning the Shanghai "Shen’an Cup" High Quality Installation Project Award for 18 times

Winning the Shanghai Golden Steel Award for 13 times

Winning the Zhejiang Qianjiang Cup Award for 15 times

Winning the Jiangsu Yangtze Cup Award for 2 times

Winning the Tianjin Haihe Cup Award for 4 times

Winning the Hainan Green Island Cup Award for once

District-level Awards

Winning the High Quality Engineering Award for more than 60 projects

Winning the Civilized Construction Site for more than 100 projects

Individual Awards

2 people won Labor Prize of May Days

42 people won Advanced Provincial and Municipal Individual Awards

16 people won Outstanding Contribution Awards

2 people won Tien-yow Jeme Innovation Awards

2 people won Science and Technology Progress Awards

30 people won Excellent Supervisor Awards

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