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We focuse on the main operation performance, quality and safety of ventilation and air conditioning equipment. By evaluating the enterprise quality management system and testing the products, we verify that they meet the requirements of relevant national standards and mandatory energy efficiency standards, and are true and effective. We also carry out energy conservation certifications and green product certifications, focusing on the energy efficiency level of HVAC products. We are to promote consumers' active consumption of energy-efficient products through energy conservation certification, and accelerate the promotion of energy-efficient products and the advancement of technology, thus becoming a powerful driving force in promoting the transformation of the entire industry to a model of high energy efficiency, low energy consumption and low carbon emissions.

Scope of Certified Products

Typical product categories include galvanized sheet ducts, manual (electric) control valves, constant air volume valves, aluminum alloy air vents, axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans, oblique flow fans, roof fans, mufflers, muffler static pressure box; air compressors, etc.

Fan coils, fresh air ventilators, radiators, pumps, air conditioning cold and heat sources and end products, cooling towers, fresh air units, combined air conditioning units, fresh air purification, air purifiers, air filters, etc.

Product category Typical product name Certification basis and standard
Air flow regulator for ventilation of a building Hand-operated regulating valve JG/T 436 Air Flow Regulator for Ventilation of Building
Electric control valve
Check valve
Residual pressure valve
Internal air conditioning vents Aluminum alloy shutter vent JG/T 14 Air Ventilation Vents
Air diffuser
Swirl diffuser
Fan coil units Horizontal fan coil GB/T 19232 Fan Coil Unit
Cassette fan coil
Wall-mounted fan coil
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