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Food laws and regulations

Training content:

training and interpretation of domestic and foreign food safety related laws and regulations, implementation regulations, food safety management systems, food safety management standards and their implementation guidelines.

Course object:

uality person-in-charge of food production enterprises and food circulation enterprises (retail, catering, hotels, e-commerce platforms, etc.)

Course benefit:

Deeply understand the legal requirements of food production and operation, and identify food operation risks to prevent asset losses.

Course outline:

Background and history of regulations

Purpose of regulations

Explanation of regulations

Case analysis

Internal auditors

Training content:

elaboration of various standards, process sorting, system document construction, audit ability and skill culturing

Course object:

internal auditors, quality person-in-charge, production managers

Course benefit:

understand the standard requirements, master the application of the standard in the production and operation process, learn system document writing, and obtain the internal auditor certificate.

Course outline:

Elaboration of standards

Skills of writing documents

Cases of implementing standards

On-site audit practice

Comments from audit experts

Training on food quality and safety control measures

Training content:

food microbiology, food safety risk assessment principles, good manufacturing practices (GMP), sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOP), prerequisite programs (PRPs), food foreign body control, cleaning and disinfection procedures, food fraud prevention, pest management

Course object:

Middle-level managers of food enterprises, food safety managers, internal auditors

Course benefit:

understand the principles of food safety, understand specific regulatory requirements, and master various food safety control measures

Course outline:

Food safety hazard analysis

Food safety risk assessment

Food safety control measures

Confirmation and verification of food safety control measures

Monitoring and maintenance of food safety control measures

Training on catering and retail enterprises

Training content:

chain catering and hotel food safety training, catering service food safety operation specifications, retailer super food safety training, takeaway food safety management training, complaint handling, food safety administrator guidance, 5S6T operation training

Course object:

food safety managers of catering, retail and online food delivery enterprises

Course benefit:

understand national and industry regulations, understand the characteristics of food safety in catering, master food safety operation specifications, and pass the food safety administrator exam smoothly

Course outline:

Introduction to food safety regulations in the catering and retail industry

Food safety risks in the catering and retail industry

Food safety operation requirements for the catering and retail industry

Requirements for food safety managers

Explanation of 5S6T content

Online food delivery requirements and notices

Complaint handling

Food engineering construction

Training content:

design, construction and implementation process of food factories, central kitchens, collective catering units, large restaurants, and food laboratories

Course object:

investors in new food processing projects and food testing projects

Course benefits:

quickly understand the construction process of food production (or food testing) projects, prevent repeated construction, and improve project efficiency through system management.

Course outline:

Design and construction qualification

Design and construction process

Design and construction management

Budget management



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